I moved to Cornwall in 1998 to study Fine Art sculpture at Falmouth College of Arts. I now have my own practice as an independent maker working from a small workshop in Falmouth that I am growing. I also work within the Arts edcation, providing technical and design consultation for other makers from a workshop.


My inspiration:

Living in an environment with many makers is crucial. Sharing ideas and ambitions with others fuels my fascination with materials, how their aesthetics relate to one another, how they can be machined and manipulated in order to transform them into something richer that the sum of their parts. The resulting work presents both functional and decorative qualities. 


Favorite tool:

My roofing square is fantastic. An uncle once said, "if its not a right angle, its a wrong angle"........ This is obviously completely incorrect, but as a playful statement I feel it reflects certain elements of the work.  Music is important too, it helps me get my eye in when machining. 



My practice sits somewhere between drawing and object making. I currently design and make custom interior surfaces. Theses are applied to occasional furniture, lighting and wall decorations that will  happily sit within domestic or comercial spaces. 


Materials and process:

I have an appreciation for both the tradition of "hand made" and the increasingly prevalent availability of CNC technology. Both have their own flavor and with this in mind the work develops along a thread of intention, fluidity and playfulness. I work with hard and soft wood timbers, various plywood's, acrylic, fillers and glues.
These are my core ingredients. They are machined, layered and assembled, using a variety of methods. This process develops a visual vocabulary , or a stock of variousy patterened material that can be further machined and rearranged, in order to both interrupt and sit alongside the existing surface qualities that are present within the job. The finishing process that follows, refers to the objects application. I use waxes, varnishes and oils.